• How to find a good steel sheet

    Finding a good steel sheet depends on several factors, including the intended use of the sheet, the required specifications, and the budget. Here are some general tips to help you find a good steel sheet: Determine the grade of steel sheet you need. Steel sheets come in different grades, each wi...
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  • Do you really know about steel?

    Steel, including steel components, is tested for quality in a variety of ways, including tensile testing, bending fatigue testing, compression/bending testing and corrosion resistance testing. Materials and related products can be developed and produced in real time to keep track of product quali...
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  • China Top 10 Professional Steel & Machine Supplier

    We are China Top 10 Professional Steel & Machine Supplier, we can supply steel sheet, door making machine , steel mould.
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  • How To Choose A Good Door Handle

    How To Choose A Good Door Handle

    After you but the machines and raw material like steel sheet , steel door skin, embossed steel skin, and get you door making business started,you must need door handle. Door handles are hardware used to open and close doors. They can be levers or knobs and are usually placed on the outside of the...
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  • Attend The Biggest Local Market Door Exhibition

    Attend The Biggest Local Market Door Exhibition

    In July  2020, we attend the biggest loacal market door exhibition in Yokang city , Zhejiang province China. Door Expo is a national door industry event co-sponsored by China Construction Metal Structure Association, China Chamber of Commerce, China Real Estate Associati...
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  • 126th Canton Fair

    126th Canton Fair

    We attended the 126th Canton Fair during Oct.15-19th, bring with our latest developed 12 different kind new design doors, Exterior Steel Doors, Fire-proof doors, French Glass Door and also accessories including quality handles and locks. During the 5 days Exhibition, we ...
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  • 117th Canton fair

    117th Canton fair

    April of 2015 Year, we attend 117th Canton fair, it is our 1st time attending Canton fair. In this fair, we meet lots of clients from different market, Like Serbia, Uruguay, Poland, Saudi Arabia,...
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